Technology is ever changing and evolving; therefore, you should always find yourself upgrading your IT Hardware on a 2 to 3 year life-cycle. The problem you are then faced with is what to do with all the old equipment?

With many companies moving to virtualisation and cloud based systems, a lot of old IT equipment potentially containing sensitive data, is being left to rot away in basements, instead of being securely erased and cashed in on whilst there may be some residual value.

An Effective Computer Disposal Service

We have designed Secure IT Services to provide a first class IT disposal service for Government, Public & Corporate sectors, providing our clients with all of the IT Security & Legal responsibilities.

Computers that you no longer need should be disposed of with care. Our computer disposal service is secure and cost effective. Your data will be professionally erased with us eliminating the risk of your data being obtained by other parties.

We will collect your redundant IT equipment, data wipe or destroy all hard drives and storage media, provide you with an Asset List and a Certificate of Data Destruction.

Our computer disposal staff will arrange with you a suitable time to collect your equipment. On collection we will provide you with an ‘Asset Transfer Note’ which will transfer liability of your old equipment to us.

We will then return the equipment to our processing facility, where we will produce an Asset List consisting of the collected equipment: Type, Make, Model, Serial Number and any Asset Tag information you may have.

As an experienced IT recycling supplier within the NHS, Education, Central Government and Corporate Space, Secure IT is perfectly placed to provide its customers with guidance through this complex market.

Secure IT Services – Erasing You from your old IT

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