Whenever you delete a file on your computer, traces of it are left in places that aren't always apparent. Clever hackers and legitimate computer specialists can often reconstruct files that you thought were long gone.

Therefore, if you are scrapping old equipment, it is imperative that you have it destroyed and shredded completely so that it becomes impossible to retrieve any such information.

Using cutting edge technology, Secure IT utilise shredding units fit for purpose, shredding up to 3000 devices a day which conforms to the most stringent standards and mandates.

Our hard drive destruction services are the most secure and cost effective way to permanently destroy your data. Our standard service is shredding no larger than 11mm particles, but we do have the ability to shred to 6mm if a more thorough service is required.

We make sure that your secure hardware disposal complies with all the relevant legislations with minimal environmental impact. Not only do we offer secure data wiping, we hold the permits and licences required for the scrapping of the physical machines, detailed here:

  • T11 (WEEE) Exemption Ref: NC2/060922/2017
  • S2 Waste Exemption Ref: WEX087633
  • Hazardous Waste Registration Number: OLD922
  • Waste Carriers Licence (Upper): CBDU163056

On or Off-Site, which is your preference?

Similar to the Data Wiping service, we can transport your equipment back to our secure warehouses in our tracked vehicles and perform the destruction there, or we can bring our specialist shredding equipment onto your premises and perform the destruction of your hard drives within your own secure environment.

All drives would be certified prior to leaving your site and therefore providing you a seamless service and peace of mind.

All waste material would be scrapped or recycled with minimal environmental impact and our solutions comply with the T11 (WEEE) Standards.

Secure IT Services – Erasing You from your old IT

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