A key element to the success of any decommissioning strategy is for you to have a holistic view of the entire hardware life-cycle, as only then can you properly make the decision to Reduce, Reuse or Recycle your old IT.

By understanding and accepting how technology changes over time, it makes sense to upgrade your equipment before it reaches its end of life and there is still some value in it for you. By taking this approach, you can help ensure that you are managing your technology life-cycle in a much more cost-effective way.

It is important to consider the true total cost of ownership of your IT hardware at all times. Overall, you can achieve a great deal of value by adopting a sustainable perspective to decommissioning. You just need to ensure it is a continual process rather than an occasional spring clean.

Taking an 'all in one go' approach to upgrades leaves your company vulnerable to outages and downtime so we strongly recommend a more staggered approach. Setting out a quarterly upgrade and decommission program reduces the possibility of failures and outages and eliminates total black out scenarios.

We can work with you to organise such a strategy to analyse your existing technology and evaluate the best time to upgrade it, ensuring you get the best outcomes for your business and best returns on still usable tech.

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